For years I have been getting, on an occasional basis when I could find and afford it, Guy Ottewell’s Astronomical Calendar. He published his last, the 43rd (if memory serves me), last year. He still publishes many things, but seems to have taken the annual Calendar to an entirely blog format. I’ve been touring it, the 2017 version at his blogsite, Universal Workshop.

And, wouldn’t you know it, I think I’ve found a place where I can blog (instead of using Facebook, which I have for so long.) This Word Press site looks very good. I will add more, but be looking for blogs about:

Politics (I am a progressive, looking at being involved with democratic socialists having dropped a decades long affiliation with the Democrats, thanks to Citizens United.)

Genealogy (I am of Czech and Dutch descent, and while my spouse does a great deal of the computer and paperwork, we are of a mind together on it. She also is of Czech and Dutch descent, but the Czech is on her mother’s side, while mine is… ready?… the Czech is in the male.)

Astronomy (hence my predilection for Guy’s work)

The Christian Faith (and particularly Presbyterianism, Calvinism, but also progressive, evangelical but not ‘reich’wing Christian expression)

Losing weight (not faddy, we’ve been in Weight Watchers for eight years, but I still have a hundred plus pounds to lose.)

Retirement (yep, it DOES come!)




This is enough. I’ll try to do this as regularly as possible! The “inauguration” of our Twiter-in-Chief Defect is Friday, so I SHOULD have more to blog soon!



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